Pataphysical Time Travel by fabola

The good doctors at Pataphysical Studios have started work on their next madcap invention: the Time Machine.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we assembled the wood frame of the time machine, which Drs. Rindbrain and Figurine had built earlier at the Tam High woodshop. All the pieces fell in place nicely in the art greenhouse, and the structure was up within an hour. This pentagon can now fit up to a dozen pataphysicians (albeit squished together like sardines), as demonstrated in our group portrait. Next week, we will add the walls and paper them up, to start sketching our first ideas for this interactive art exhibit.

In other news:
• Dr. Figurine brought a giant fish head she had created years ago and gave it a new life with a fresh coat of paint.
• Dr. Heatshrink and Igor discussed plans for the time machine controller (kudos to Drs. Really and Truly for giving him a ride so he could join us while his ankle is still broken).
• Dr. Truly painted a lovely pair of boots and gave another of her beautiful medals to Dr. Zboon.
• Dr. Phylora joined the art hive, kissed the fish head and sorted beads for Violet’s float
• Drs. Canard, Fabio and Igor hacked an old clock whose needles will spin unpredictably when you press a button in the time machine.
• Dr. Tout d’Suite created more ‘pataphysical talismans
• Dr. Rindbrain played his flute, tended to the art hive, and started painting another pair of shoes
• Dr. Canard leaped into the air to show her aikido rolls and prepared another mobile
• Dr. Zboon storyboarded and pitched a new twist for Violet’s Journey, to bring more life into our fairy tale for Dr. Canard’s animatronic ducks
• Dr. Really created a poster for our upcoming exhibit of the slot machine at the Dada World Fair
• Dr. Fabio prepared an oval float for Violet and the animatronic ducks, to cover their robot parts

The mojo flowed freely in the art garden. Fire in the hole!

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