Keith Nasman, boat builder by Dale Simonson

Scamp Camp #1, "Scurvy Dogs Team" Reunion 2013, Port Townsend, WA

The planned reunion of a bunch of Scamp Camp #1 boats didn’t quite come as planned, Luna #162 wasn’t quite ready for her first splash! No worries, we went to Port Townsend for the first weekend of Camp #4, anyway, so we could partake in the launch of Zephyr #161, the fine vessel built by Keith Nasman! While there, we took part in the inaugural launch of two (!!) Scamps (Zephyr and Skol, the beautiful product of Terry’s work, from Scamp Camp #3), cruised the waters on an epic trip in Zephyr, and popped into the first day of Camp #4 to wish the next crop of scamplings a fruitful birth.
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