Current status by Todd Barnard

6 (six) degrees here in Austin today, with windchill it’s ~10 degrees below zero.

I know I am whining, and East Coast people will laugh, but Austin is really not equipped for this. Proof; Austin Energy just declared there will be rolling blackouts

Texas Statewide Power Emergency
February 2, 2010

At about 5:40 a.m., the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) enacted a system-wide emergency curtailment (EEA-Level 3) due to insufficient on-line generation to meet ERCOT statewide demand. The ERCOT system must shed 1,100 MW. Austin Energy’s share of that 1,100 MW is about 80 MW.

This means Austin Energy – on a rotating basis- must turn off about 40 circuits (we have 350 circuits) for about 30 minutes at a time following a pre-designed plan that distributes the circuit outages evenly throughout our service area. A circuit powers between 1,000 – 3,000 customers. The plan avoids critical loads such as hospitals and emergency resources.

There is no need to call in outages. Once power is off, customers are asked to turn off as many electronic appliances as is reasonably possible to make it easier to power Austin Energy circuits back up.

All generators in ERCOT are required to participate – regardless of whether Austin Energy has sufficient power in our community (which we do). This emergency is due to an imbalance in the statewide electric grid between the power being demanded statewide and the generation online at this time. More information as it becomes available.…
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