Cosy Club, Corn Street, Bristol by brizzle born and bred

2014 Now open!!

The Cosy Club has restored one of Bristol’s most majestic buildings to its original splendour.

Located in a majestic former-banking hall on Corn Street in the heart of Bristol’s historic Old City, Cosy Club Bristol is going to be an absolute show-stopper. Behind the neo-classical facade is a building rich in grandeur with dressed stone walls, marble floors, mahogany panelling, domed glass roof lanterns, and richly embellished and decorated plaster cornicing.

They’ll be the bar to end all bars, four 2m wide solid brass chandeliers, and all of the distinctly eccentric, quirky and fun Cosy Club hallmarks.

All in all she’s going to be frightfully spiffing.

It is being described by the owners as the "cathedral of all Cosy Clubs" and there’s certainly a wow factor when you enter this vast space, with its Bath stone walls and columns, glass dome ceiling and intricate frescoes of cherubs holding the Bristol coat of arms.

The sheer size and opulence of The Cosy Club, which has already been likened to "Roman temple meets gentleman’s club," catches the first-time visitor by surprise and it has an almost museum-like quality about its opulence that recalls the grand cafés of Vienna.

For decades, this was one of Corn Street’s grandest banking halls (it was built as the National Provincial Bank), although in recent years it limped along as a succession of gloomy late-night bars and even a short-lived Mexican restaurant.

The Loungers, who are responsible for the hugely successful Lounge café/bar chain, spotted the building’s potential as the sixth of their Cosy Clubs, which have already proved popular in places like Bath and Taunton.

A central column of stone urns filled with spiky plants adds a colonial 1930s elegance, as does the polished wooden parquet and marble floor, the stag heads and enormous brass wagon wheel chandeliers. Timeless yet modern, you can almost imagine Hercule Poirot sitting in one of the Art Deco cocktail chairs, taking it all in from behind his book.

A darker, more intimate area at the back takes on the look of a Victorian drawing room, with oil paintings on the dark red flock wallpaper, ox blood leather banquettes and vintage frilly standard lamps.

Open all day, it’s a relaxed, multifunctional sort of place, where you could pop in for a morning coffee or breakfast meeting in the clubby Peacock Room, or bring friends and family for lunch or dinner.
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